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WECH is a resident led housing association and is set up and managed in a way to maximize and encourage resident involvement in many different ways. WECH acknowledges that its residents have a vast range of skills, experiences and information and may already play an active role in their local community. WECH wants to help you further develop these skills, to encourage residents to know and care about their neighbours and the local environment and to make WECH a nicer place to live.

  1. No involvement leads to decisions at WECH being made for you not with you
  2. Have a say in what goes on and start to make your area a better place to live
  3. Your voice will be heard
  4. You will make a difference
  5. You can choose when and how you get involved
  6. The smallest contribution can have the biggest impact
  7. You will see the results of your efforts and benefit from them
  8. You will use your time constructively, doing something positive for your community
  9. You will get to know your neighbours, staff and resident Board members
  1. Free training, development and support opportunities for resident Board members
  2. WECH will cover expenses incurred, such as childcare for attendance of meetings
  3. Providing you with invaluable experience to add to your CV
  4. Social activity
  5. Getting to know your neighbours
  6. Improving the community you live in
  7. You can see your ideas put into action, helping you to get community a project/ activity started and working.

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Good service is our number one priority & we like to thing we are doing a good job serving our residents. 

Tenant Manual

You’re A to Z guide for everything you need to know about WECH

How to Complain

WECH aims to provide the highest possible level of service and encourages feedback.

Quick Facts

EstablishedWECH was registered as a Housing Association in April 1991 and received the transfer of stock from Westminster City Council on 6 April 1992.

WECH has 681 homes (Mar 21)
See financial statement for more information

BoardThe WECH Board consists of 14 members elected from WECH shareholders, over 70% of whom are residents and up to 6 members co-opted for their knowledge and expertise. Details of the current Board can be found in the latest Annual Report.
CEOThe CEO is Matt Townsend. He has been in post since July 2020.
TurnoverTurnover and other finance details can be found in the latest Annual Report and Audited Accounts in our Resource hub.
DevelopmentThe Elgin Scheme 43 new homes.
Local authorityCity of Westminster